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Redemption's Story! Our Names are Ken Davis Jr (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, & lead guitar). Brandon Davis (drummer, percussions, backup vocals). Alex Hopkins (lead guitar & backup vocals). And Steven Davis (bass guitar & backup vocals). We are truly blessed to have each other as best friends and family doing what we love to do for Jesus.

Redemption's Story drew it's roots from a small town called Mt. Vernon, Alabama. We were all raised together in church and taught to do everything we do for the glory of Jesus and to always put him first in our lives no matter what circumstances may come against us. At a young age we began to hear the calling of God on our lives to spread the gospel of Jesus through our music and more importantly through the life we lived.


In 2011, we began putting ourselves and our music out there for the world to see. We went out beyond the church to spread the name of Jesus through music.

We began playing at events and other occasions. Pretty soon everyone was asking for our record to buy, so we made the first album & called it There is a God.


At the time we didn't know what to call ourselves, after all, we had always been a church band. Well, here a few months ago the band sat down and really got serious to find a name for oursleves. We didn't just want any other name that was meaningless. We wanted something that was special and described us and the lives we have in Christ Jesus. One night at our local church God began to speak to our pastors about us and our ministry. God spoke, we listened, and that's where Redemption's Story originated from. We knew it was God's will for us. They said that God was using us to tell the world about THE STORY OF REDEMPTION !!! We're thankful & blessed to be a part of God's plan to redeem this lost generation, and help unfold his plan of Salvation to the world !


In Jesus Name, Redemption's Story

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